Emperor Reef
Professional Aquarium and Pond Services
Servicing the north Atlanta area


Water parameters are the most important part of your aquarium, why not know what they are after every visit. We also test parameters like Salinity, Calcium, Magnesium, General Hardness, Nitrite, and Alkalinity.


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About Our Service

Your Service Visit
Whats included in our standard service visit?

A multi point glass cleaning to make sure every viewing angle is accessible and crystal clear.
Change the appropriate amount of water, usually 10% of the system, which includes gravel syphoning.
Change all filters and empty protein skimmer cup.
Clean any equipment that needs cleaning.
Replenish the aquarium with the appropriate water, being reef salt, sea salt, or fresh water.
Add any additives necessary for the system health.
Check all live stock to ensure health and happiness
Review all equipment to make sure it's working safely and properly.
Clean all glass and cabinet, our goal is to leave cleaner than when we arrived.
Our main goal is to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied after each visit.
Each visit includes an appropriate amount of top off water, up to 15 gallons per visit.

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